Tuesday, August 6, 2019


these 10 ft. massive papier mache animals are from a whirlwind 48 hour week-end project that i'm sooo thankful to have been a part of! this installation of elephant and lioness for discovery chanel serengeti was created simply of wood structure, recycled cardboard, paper and flour+water paste. i got to work with tony pinyata king and his crew in whittier for vector media nyc (tony is an east la local master traditional paper mache artist and genius!) looking forward to more enormous, fun paper mache projects like this in the future!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

jenny lemons

a trip to jenny lemons in san francisco! i made a fruity snoopy window display to promote my papier mache workshop and got to meet ray of sunshine jennie and very cool qien… also can you guess who made this famous dog w tennis ball in my workshop?! the one and only kristina micotti!!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

big ellen head

A giant Ellen Degeneres head!!!! for the Ellen Show/ Warner Brothers Studio
and all the steps it took to make it with paper mache!

Monday, February 11, 2019


february 2nd, i flew into portland oregon to host a paper mache workshop. it was a sold out class filled with so many wonderful people. here are some pics of my students artwork: brilliant pieces!!!

another reason for my trip was to meet with elizabeth, owner of eb and bean and see 2 of the shop wall installations of my paper mache ice cream.
 this is the shop on se division
i visited the first eb and bean shop where my ice creams have already been on the wall for 5 years!
meeting with my dear friend/ artist jo brody on the last day for tea at townshends along w jessica of brambleworkshop and shellie garcia of soulflower        
now back home and awaiting the grand opening of the 3rd eb and bean location! these are some ice creams i made in january for the new shop. i'll be back soon portland, magical city!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

makers mess

sunday's paper mache ornament workshop at maker's mess in silverlake was a huge success! it was a full class of 23 makers and i wasn't expecting all the beautiful unique ornaments that were created! a few photos i took...and regret not taking more!! 
thanks to the wonderfully positive response for this workshop, i'm hosting another  on december 16th. since it's already sold-out in a day with a full load of 25 makers, i'm considering doing a more intensive 4 hour workshop on paper mache mobile making in january. if you're interested, please contact makers mess for more info.