Friday, July 2, 2021


I flew into Portland, Oregon June 18th (as soon as there was a break in the pandemic numbers) to teach 4  paper mache workshops in 4 days! The first 4 pics are from my workshop at Assembly PDX.  A few blocks north of Assembly  I visited my ice cream on the walls at Eb and Bean and went on a wild toad ride with artist friend Jo to our favorite shop Cargo. (it was a thrill to see tv celebrity, Padma Lakshmi shopping in there too :) Then back to the Art and Soul Retreat for more workshops! This was my first time as an instructor at A&S and around the corner from my workshop was painting instructor Jesse Reno (whose art I had purchased online 16 years ago!) Before etsy, there weren't any places to sell art online, so a group of us were selling, trading and collaborating on ebay. It was nice to finally meet in person. There are sooo many photos on my phone and here are a few of student art from the workshops. I enjoyed making new friends and learned so much that I've decided to teach more workshops at Art and Soul Retreat in Colorado Springs this October! Come join us!

Thursday, January 28, 2021

baby lemon

a surprise baby shower gift for jennie lennick of jenny lemons. jennie's first baby is due in february and i put together a mobile of all our artist friends who teach and sell art at jenny lemons. i made the strawberry and jennie's dog frankie, kristina micotti made the orange and peach w fun faces, vi from the loome made all the yellow pom poms, isa from gentle thrills and christie of punch rug hooking (her mom) made the felt dove and liz of woll made the star and pearl clouds. i hope jennie's baby lemon will love it!  

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

bust magazine winter issue

super thrilled to see these papiermache ornaments in BUST magazine! Winter 2021 issue (2 pg. DIY tutorial) is now available at newstands everywhere. you can make these at home! it's a true honor to be in a magazine with outlaw, activist, feminist jane fonda on the cover! plus 8 change makers= the next generation of superstar activists. photo by @meikophoto

Thursday, November 19, 2020

new holiday ornaments!

 i made some new paper mache ornaments for jenny lemons in san francisco: strawberries, calico cats, bananas, mushrooms, roller skates, cacus, cherries and flamingos on skateboards! go get 'em

 you can now purchase them online here

Thursday, November 12, 2020

san diego 2020

after canceling/ rescheduling our papier mache workshops from april and july(due to covid19), little dame shop and i decided to go ahead with our plans in november using strict safety protocols. we agreed that with the collective election anxiety, everyone needed to keep their hands busy and get out of the house for a bit. on saturday morning, i drove through pouring rain for 2 hours from l.a. to san diego. simone was there when i arrived and told me that biden won the presidency!! north park san diego was filled with cheering and honking horns. the timing was perfect! (above: me and simone +fresh mural is by isa of @gentle thrills).
i love this abominable snowman that was made in the first workshop!
after the first workshop i was starving and ordered the best sandwich i have ever tasted from a place across the street called black market bakery. if you find yourself in north park, go there and order the hitman! it's a vegetarian sandwich filled with brie, artichoke, artichoke pesto, red onion, sun dried tomato spread on lemon rosemary toasted bread.... it's incredible and a little messy!   

katie came by for the next workshop and we got to take a photo together in the little dame tattoo shop!

the evening workshop was small and so much fun! one of the ladies made this papier mache dog and glued googly eyes on him when she got home.

i finally got to meet the amazing, adorable tijuana illustrator itzel!! @yayitzel. she signed up for the 3rd workshop on sunday morning.
there were 9 of us. all the tables were spaced, everyone wore a mask and the doors were wide open for air. each had their own supplies so there was no sharing or touching. i enjoyed the mother and young daughter above who made a giraffe, churro and ruth bader ginsburg crown! the 10 year old was even wearing an rbg mask, so cool!!!need!!!
i could share many of the pieces made in these workshops but this is my favorite because it started with the intention of being a pet cat and then morphed into a dog and finally the creator turned it into this unicorn! this joyous flexibility, embracing the unknown and making the best of it while learning is something we all need to have as we head into this uncertain new future. 


Thursday, September 3, 2020


i teamed up with vans and made some papier mache tutorial videos to kickstart your creativity during quarantine. it was sooo much fun playing with the papier mache figures and stop motion!! be sure to watch through the end of each video for a special treat!

click here to watch my videos on


Thursday, April 16, 2020

new york baby in covid 19 times

custom baby mobile for a new mom due may 2nd in new york city: a medical student recovering from covid 19. i hope her baby girl will love this papier mache mobile designed with 3 little birds and a lion at the top! may she be strong, healthy and safe