Tuesday, December 16, 2014

baby, bear and banjo

this banjo- mobile is for my friend amie of thief and bandit kids.
we share a lot in common =
both studied art/sculpture in new york, found our husbands in ny, then moved to virginia for a bit, and now both have 3 kids (her third little guy is on the way :)
i think we share some similarities with our art as well, especially a love of wild nature
thief and bandit kids animal long sleeved romper (above)
three is a charm!

Saturday, December 13, 2014


the perfect saturday started with an early morning trip to marina del rey for an estate sale
at pamela des barres house! we scored big, lots of clothes and art and jewelery
but little sid scored most with a big hug from pamela! and he won't take her cowboy vest off, even now in his pajamas. i think he'll sleep in it
then a few blocks down to venice beach for falafel and dolmas lunch at cairo cowboy's back patio
and a stroll along the boardwalk. calliope got new sunglasses
this mural is one of my favorites
sid likes this one
got a fortune read from zoltar
the fortune teller machine
 and then to mollusk surf shop
the sweet lips logo on the fin of my dream board in soft avocado.
so much eye candy today

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

blue eyes crying in the rain

7 blue crying eyes are en route to michele varian in new york.
(my favorite shop in soho, located on 27 howard st.)
they'll be available to purchase this week-end but you may want to reserve one now as the last batch sold out as soon as it was unpacked!

thursday and friday forecast for more rain in l.a. and here's the perfect song to go along:
love the giant pink light up banjo that hangs above willie's set!!!!!!!

Monday, December 1, 2014

holiday sale

thank you to everyone who purchased my ornaments and garlands from the one kings lane stocking stuffers sale. i practically sold out within the first 8 hours!!!
now it's packing, stacking the handcart
and shipping them off. it feels good to know my art will find new homes around the globe.
and  there are only a few peace doves left. 
the countdown is on - sale ends thursday!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

highland park

my sister came down from half moon bay to visit for the thanksgiving holiday and we got to wander around highland park on friday.
shopclass on york st. has a fab selection of vintage teak furniture, pottery, pendant lamps, art and more. my sister bought some metal signage and we both picked up some unusual occasion cards. the one i'm holding is "book worm"
 a block or so before figueroa is another vintage shop. it opened 2 weeks ago and i didn't catch the address or the name, but the muralist is viral and you can't miss his work as you drive by. be sure to stop inside. the owner has great prices, is very friendly and is constantly bringing in new pieces on a daily basis. my sister scored a framed david lance goines art print (fitting for the thanksgiving holiday:)

there's lots of great walls of new graffiti art to check out here and tons of murals in highland park like these are everywhere =  art inspiration
this mural is on the side of a florist shop on figueroa
when you hang a right on figueroa from york, stop in the bearded beagle for vintage clothing.. here's a cool jacket we got there!

1 1/2 blocks down is sunbeam vintage with the most beautifully upholstered mid-century furniture i have ever seen and also some amazing cocktail glass sets. my sister picked up some vintage vinyl here
a lot of the shops in highland park don't have big signs or visible addresses while you're driving, so you really have to pay attention and feel your way through. trust your instincts, pull over, park the car and walk that block where something in a window, sidewalk furniture or wallart sparked your eye. it's fun to explore and discover here. today is small business saturday. please go out and support your local mom and pop shops!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

ornaments and garlands

holiday! holiday! pick some beauties for your tree
creative stocking stuffers sale will run for one week starting today: nov. 27- dec. 4

at one kings lane

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


walking on roses -  colorado blvd. in pasadena
all cities should have painted crosswalks
art inspire