Thursday, October 30, 2014


the forecast says there will be rain tomorrow, on halloween! even though we haven't had a drop of rain for months. here's a fun collaboration i did this year with australian artist sandra eterovic (combining linocut and illustration), foretelling the future!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


it's a beautiful day in l.a. today.....
i'm working on a ton of new things and listening to local 3 pc. band dirt dress:
sounds from here to hear

Sunday, October 26, 2014

jesus saves

sunday is a fun-day of religious bombardment (in the best way) in l.a.
-8:30 in the morning every sunday we pass this guy at the gas station corner on silverlake
-found in an alley behind wilshire and la brea. my son says it's a mural of a saint...
because of the halo.
-a garage full of stacked boxes of tall glass candles that had been burned and this floral frame could be for ceremonial purposes? er, uhhh maybe just restaurant d├ęcor, but still very cool!
-i was taking a photo of these gorgeous yoruba hand beaded african chairs that i want at mix furniture and buddah suddenly popped in the pic!
(check out the beadwork close-up!)
-the way home on the 10 fwy this rastafarian red, gold and green truck barreled past us in a rush to go somewhere ...hmmm... i wonder what's inside?
- made friends with awesome artist nathaniel russell today.
his gospel above can be purchased here
if you don't know nathaniel russell's work you can see and buy his latest works over at mollusk surf shop.  the show runs until oct. 31 in san francisco
 and this ha haaaa!! heartwarming video was posted on his fb page

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

new york city

anthora, a beautiful name and vision that is so uniquely nyc. someone should write a song about you
empire state, pigeon, metro card and pretzel... i'm homesick for fall in the city

this big apple mobile is available exclusively at michele varian in soho.  there are only a few, so run! don't walk to 27 howard street and crosby (cross st.)
 here's a sneek peek of a few more mobiles i sent off to michele varian
hurry! hurry! reserve one before they're all gone

Sunday, October 19, 2014

sunday at west elm los angeles

this morning, i dropped off some arrow mobiles
 and  strings of succulents at west elm on beverly in los angelels
i adore this store, filled with fun and a ton of  folks today
  as the brilliant and witty brittany castellano of a handcrafted home was hosting a DIY watercolor textile workshop

* there are now 3 mobiles at west elm local/ l.a. to choose from: twig, succulents and arrows
 (with a limited amt. of each available) get one before they're all gone!

Monday, October 13, 2014

uncommon goods
i say this every year, but this year i'm really gonna do it ---
order those holiday gifts early!!!!!!
and this time i found the perfect one-stop-shop:
uncommongoods, based in brooklyn, new york is a privately-owned retailer that has unique gifts for almost everyone on my list.
* this sweet pineapple ukelele (found here) is spot-on for my best friend's little one, born in hawaii.
*i know my sister will love this brilliant african wax print pillow (found here)
*every year my brother in-law gets socks, it's tradition!: these shark socks( found here)
* and astrology lockets for my neices (found here)
shopping for babies and kids? (find more here)

*recycled wine glasses(found here) for my brother and his girlfriend, who are always taking week-end jaunts to napa
* an awesome print of all the surfboards in california (found here) for my surfer-girl cousin
*my husband, the musician and avid record collector, will get these recycled record book ends (found here)
*a colorful and sparkly bangle jewelery box for my daughter (found here) 
*hail michigan! for my dad who hails from there, the great lakes topography art (found here)
shopping for your  father or husband ? (find more here)
* and for me, if anyone's paying attention, hellloooo, the pixel rose rug that was  featured on a beautiful mess(found here at uncommongoods)
love, love, love 
shopping for your wife/ women? (find more here)

hoping to make your shopping this holiday a little easier and ethical too.  uncommongoods makes it  their "mission to support and provide a platform for artists and designers. most of the products they sell are "made by hand and are created right here in the USA, and about one-third of their entire collection incorporates recycled and/or upcycled materials."
follow uncommongoods on fb here to keep up on their latest additions of beautiful, handmade and recycled gifts. there's something special for everyone.

Friday, October 10, 2014

house home

ok, so there's a zillion other things i should be doing but i can't help myself when it comes to making new things. inspiration is something that must give way
forget about cooking dinner or cleaning house... it's friday anyways!
 today i am at home in my house
self contained
just like sunny,our adopted/rescue calif. desert tortoise who roams the backyard. 
free to do as he pleases
president obama is visiting this area today to "declare the majestic san gabriel mountains a national monument"   it's wonderful to see these beautiful mountains appreciated.
also another good reason to stay home and avoid the "obama-geddon" traffic.
now to order a pizza!