Tuesday, March 17, 2015

lucky clover

lucky animals custom mobile for a brand new, beautiful baby girl (born in los angeles:) named marlowe
happy st. patrick's day!

Friday, March 13, 2015

super girl

this week has been a whirlwind and a pipe dream come true. we met at cindy's in eagle rock.  my dearest friend from australia, 
it's true, we've never met in person before but have sooo much in common..
 our two sidneys 
next day, we hit the rosebowl flea in pasadena. sas is way taller than i thought :)
it's the best flea market in the world, one for the bucket list!
 sas  "in apron heaven!"
this freaky l.s.d-emon doll =  for a good laugh
by 1:00, the heat kicked in and had affected our brains
saskia and family are now following route 66 across the u.s.a(on instagram here) and i just packed up and shipped off 33 mobiles!! (for the west elm pop-up shows in roseville and mill valley stores at the end of the month). i'll be heading up north soon, hope to meet you there! 
listening to: super girl

Friday, February 27, 2015

starry eyes

inspiration: roky erickson   (now in the shop!)

when i was an art student in new york in the late 90's, i shared an apartment with my friend jesse on the lower east side (10th st. and 2nd ave). jesse's girlfriend and i instantly hit it off and started a psych girl band. one of the first cover songs we learned was you're gonna miss me by the 13th floor elevators.
there's a pretty crazy but true roky erickson documentary (watch it on youtube right here) ...
after all he's been through, it's truly amazing that roky is alive and on tour now.
if you get a chance to catch one of his shows, go!!! i promise you'll be inspired.
*the original members of the 13th floor elevators are playing a reunion show in austin at the levitation festival in may, first time since 1967!
my favorite song: starry eyes

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


a short trip to san gregorio beach near my sister's house in half moon bay, ca.
 one of my most favorite places
(the best place to collect driftwood that i'll use in my art mobiles)
the kids are building structures. (my house is at the top)
 here's the day's cache!

Monday, February 16, 2015

keith haring

when the day-to-day becomes a drag of monotony and chores, it's time to pull the kids out of school and go for a long drive. somewhere that is fun and inspiring to feed your life with renewed energy and ideas. this time we took a trip to san francisco to catch the keith haring exhibit at the de young museum.
 these are some of  keith's strong political images from early to late 80's (he died 1989, age 31)
many of these works were painted on vinyl tarps with vinyl paint and just as vibrant and meaningful today
 he drew with permanent marker on this taxi cab hood
i noticed some of his other works on paper were faded and buckling. i don't think it mattered to him what art supplies he used and whether they were  archival or acid free. it seems that he was compulsive and full of energy and life. he knew his days were numbered and he took advantage of every minute of every day.
keith did a series of subway drawings in chalk on black (now fading) construction paper all over nyc in the mid 80's. the original advertising frames were kept intact and they are fantastic!
his views on religion and media monstrosities
 an ode to basquiat
and warhol
my favorite painting 'the last rainforest' was completed just a few months before keith haring died of aids. there are 3 layers, a red ground, covered with yellow heiroglyphics and black painted imagery of twisting demons and mythical creatures...like an apocalypse. but notice the cute little baby buddha protected in the bubble near the top center. this little spiritual icon may suggest the possibilities of enlightenment, love and keith's hope for a positive future.
Today is the final day of the show and also marks the anniversary of his passing, 25 years ago.
“Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.” Keith Haring

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

magpies + french fries

magpies love french fries
it's a sunny day in bondi beach
terrier is skateboarding,  the rainbow single scoop's for me and strawberry chocolate double for you, 
potted cacti and flying carpet beach towel
on a beautiful, breezy day
hey, pass the fries!

cake canyon

glendora's canyons are green from last week's rain
the streams and mini falls are flowing
vines are blooming everywhere and the canyon smells sweet... like vanilla icing
 and layered cake rocks
 the hike is making me hungry!!!!
we've gathered some dried fallen twigs
 that i've painted

for the circus mobiles
these and more (ice creams, sugar snakes and wild west) will be available to purchase at reform school in silverlake next week!