Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bottle Caps, Bar Codes & Dollywood

I love to collect things. Right now I am collecting bottlecaps. I want to make something like this basket
except I want it to be a round bowl. I know I could easily buy this basket (I love everything about it, especially that it is recycled) but I really want to have a big bowl for my fruit.

Once I made an entire dress out of supermarket bar code tags for a show at the Jaffe Arts Center. I actually wore the dress and shopped in it. They had to scan me at check out!

On another occasion (The 19th Anniversary of Dollywood) I created a 10' billboard entirely out of images I collected of Dolly Parton. I submitted it to the Whitney Biennial, but unfortunately, it was not chosen......


Capree said...

How long did it take you to make that dress?? [Which is awesome by the way]

Kim Baise said...

Thanks!!! It took me over a year to collect all those bar codes and then I connected them with a hole punch and jumper rings. It really moves nicely when it's worn.