Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dreaming of Japan

I've been daydreaming about Japan and combing through old youtube videos to revisit friends. A few years ago, I flew to Tokyo to tag along on a Pearl Schwartz tour: Steve's band formed of Yoshiko from the 5678's, Ono Ching of the Jet Boys and Toru of Guitar Wolf. They recorded a 45 of which I designed the band cover with the logo text in Japanese and Hebrew style font for the members both Japanese (Pearl) and Jewish (Schwartz). Here it is:
and you can hear Yoshiko singing Sweet Seventeen on the Black Lung Records playlist here.
It Rocks!!!!!!
Ono of the Jet boys came to visit us in Virginia and recorded a Jet Boys single at Steve's studio. I had taken a photo of him which was chosen by Charles Peterson to win an Honorable Mention Award in photography at the Chrysler Museum of Art. This photo became my second record jacket. It actually wraps around to the other side to show his legs.....
I love photography and my favorite photographer is my dear friend Bob Gruen, whose work is so true and inspiring but we'll save that for another post...... or maybe an interview.
Yoshiko just had a baby girl born a little bit after my baby girl. I wonder if she has a mini- beehive hairdo?
Here's a clip of the 5678's doing I'm Blue. Yoshiko's older sister Sachiko plays drums. I got to wander around Tokyo exploring thrift shops with her while Pearl Schwartz was recording. Someday I will go back to Japan.......... but until then I will just have to daydream...............

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Pacifiction Records said...

I found your reminiscing while researching the Jet Boys. Very interesting piece of history. Thank you!