Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Stress Free Under the Sea

Yesterday's elections made me feel on edge and stressed and then I found this image by Betsy Walton. Her art is so soothing, ethereal and healing, especially this image which takes me to a place far away.......under the sea. "Far from the frenzy of the frantic world above."
This lovely print is now on my wish list :)
A stange rainy day with a lot of connections led me to my favorite thrift store on Tidewater where I scored 2 Donovan records.
The 12" is "For Little Ones," the second album from a set of 2 titled "A Gift From a Flower To A Garden" from 1967 and the 45 is the fab Hurdy Gurdy Man from 1968. Donovan did all his own artwork on his records which I love. It's quite ironic that both records are sea themed with songs like The Tinker and The Crab and Starfish on the Toast.
I'm one of those people who still has a record player and especially love to play one side over and over while I do my art. I remember I used to do this in my High school years too.

This is my peculiar little prawn that helped me swim through the day as side 2 of the Donovan record played over and over and over.........
and I'm relieved it's over and Obama won!!! Yayyy!!!!!!
Here's a rare clip of Donovan from 1965 singing Catch the Wind:

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