Friday, May 8, 2009

Jah Bull

I am remembering Jah Bull (Woolton Henry Harrison) who passed away on this day, May 8, 2005. Not only was he a dear friend but also a wonderful poet and musician who never really got the respect that he deserves. He had a super sense of humor and I'll always remember how he loved to eat Oh Henry! candy bars, "because that's my name," he'd say) So, Jah Bull, this ones for you.
I found an excellent interview with him about his life here. AND I found an old 1978 reggae recording with Hugh Mundell 1962-83 & Augustus Pablo 1954-99 (both a tragic loss, R.I.P.) entitled: Blackman's Foundation. If you listen, exactly halfway through the song, Jah Bull does a dub: "Push Dawta Push, Come Make the Baby Born." This is a favorite of mine.......and......I will be doing just that in a few months!
Now, off to the corner store to get myself an Oh Henry!

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