Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

2009 is almost over! I wanted to thank everyone who has been following my blog and sharing comments (which are always nice to get) too. It's been such an exciting year with lots of new things happening for me- A new baby boy!, Moving 4 times! and Leaving Virginia to move back to Los Angeles(like coming full-circle), A new book published with my sister for BeesKneesBooks, Nancy's new book shop, little D's starting a public elementary school and his 2 front teeth falling out in a slice of pizza, Little C's mastered the potty and is oh so independent and... I've been able find some time to do a bit of art and blog through it all.....yeesh! Thank you 2009!
I'm hoping 2010 has a lot in store for me and for us all. Lots of resolutions.....more art (the ideas are brewing) and redo the shop with some new surprises, a new book....
All those resolutions and more, let's make it happen!

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