Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mama's Mopine

According to the Italian-American Dictionary (moh peen, with the long e) A mopine was a dish towel that my Mama and her family always kept by the stove. You would never, and I mean never move that mopine on Sundays. If you moved the mopine off the counter, and accidentally used it for another purpose, she would say " where isa my mopine??? bringa back the mopine." Never mess with the woman's mopine. No, Sundays are not Sundays without her favorite mopine.
Today I embroidered on this mopine and it's in the shop now!


Esti said...

hello there! thanks for coming to my blog and comment. It's always good to hear from other artists around. I'll be back to check on your work. :)

Amy Perrotti said...

He, he, he. That is Great! Ha! I hope my daughter tells stories like that about me someday. ;)