Friday, February 12, 2010

Your Husband Called....

I was experiencing a bit of cabin fever (even though we have no snow) and in need of some eye-candy inspiration today, so I took a walk up Ventura Blvd. to do some window shopping and found:
this vintage pucci bodysuit with gorgeous patterns and colors and look at those boots! oh la la
this lovely assortment of vintage sweaters, love the bugs....
a vintage doily-inspired sweetheart dress
a lilac 40's apron (which looked much sweeter in person than this photo)
mini red velvet cupcakes from Pin-Up Pastries
a peach princess phone from the 70's
mermaid theme, valentine zipper-heel love boots. I hope I don't break my neck before I live to see tomorrow, boots.
this nature inspired, amazing log bench
a sweet pink vespa to cruise around on with my valentine
and some mod, kid-friendly plastic stools. I wonder if the tops come off to stash a slew of toys inside?

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