Sunday, March 14, 2010

Faces In Places

Look at what the mail lady brought me: Faces in Places by Alexa Wan.
Alexa created this zine "with a tube of black acrylic and a stack of scrap paper in a small rented room with creaky floorboards in the heart of Paris one late night." It contains familiar masses of people with "gazes that got to me," she writes. There are 21 black and white illustrations.
My package contained some sweet little vintage photos with hand scrawled captions: Smiles that go a long, long way and It's Hot!
I swear, I recognize some of these folks in her book..... looks like an old best friend and a roommate from college!
Alexa has a great etsy shop called Vedoluce where she sells this wonderful zine amongst her art and eclectic vintage items.

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