Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Favourite Thing About You

Artist, illustrator, Laura Skilbeck from Manchester England sent me her new zine: My Favourite Thing About You ( And You, And You, And You...) how exciting! It came via Royal Mail with a lovingly hand-silkscreened blue and orange ice cream sundae sticker and a funny car story on a postcard all packed in a brown and white stripey candy bag. It's pure sweetness and smiles.
You'll have to buy it to see more! She has some great stuff for sale in her etsy shop too.
Thanks Laura, you made my day.


red-handed said...

*Loads* of character! Good buy.

soulflower said...

I loved her ice cream truck bags!

Kim Baise said...

Me too! and the handmade greeting cards are Great!