Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sweet Escape!

sweet escape! tea towel
tea party with C
Amy Perotti just created her very first embroidery pattern. I got a pdf file of it from her shop which included a full color pattern and black and white copy(that I printed in mirror image). Then I traced it with a transfer pencil and ironed it onto a kitchen towel.
Since Amy doesn't give instructions on how each detail should be stitched, I felt free to experiment using some stem stitching, back stitching and my very own wonky stitching.
There's something about freestyle stitching that turns a straight pattern into a more organic form and breathes some soul into it.
I am very proud of how this kitchen tea towel turned out.
Click on the top image to take a closer look!


Amy Perrotti said...

Wow Kim, you do great work!!! I am so happy with, and happy you are happy with, how lovely it turned out!! Thank you so much for making it and blogging about it! :D :D :D
You are a PEACH!

Kim Baise said...

Thanks Amy, I had lots of fun doing it! She was my sweet escape when the kids were asleep during naptimes and bedtime.

Amy Perrotti said...

Awe, glad to hear it! Thank you! :)