Saturday, May 15, 2010

Art Crush and Artichokes

It's a good week-end with a package from Dessa of the Good Machinery all the way via Italy
a gorgeous print with eye-popping color
amazing tea that tastes like chai except sweeter with licorice and ginger, I think....
and where did she find that gray/green tape with teeny pink polkadots?!!
her zine: my world
then some artichokes from the neighbor's garden.
Hope you have a good week-end too. Visit Dessa's blog here. You will love her!


Meral Erdo─čan said...

lovely illustrations!

Kim Baise said...

yes, i agree, dessa's art is soooo lovely, deep and gorgeously moody and your art is gorgeous too meral!!!

soulflower said...

very nice indeed...and the artichokes as well...i told my husband i want to try and grow some next year too!

Kim Baise said...

yes sf, the way they grow is really very pretty... like small succulent spiky, tree-candleabras.
you must grow some.

Anonymous said...

those artichokes look really good! and what a lovely artwork you had shown today!