Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Mustache Machine and the 15 Zine

We found a mustache machine today
with 25 cent mustaches
at the Lucky's supermarket in Van Nuys. It's like a circus in there. It has a pinball gumball machine with the haaarrrrdest jawbreaking gumballs ever.
I got my 15 zine in the mail today. Yay!
Jemnifur and the 15 (above).
How cool is she? SUPERCOOL! you can check out her zine shop here.


soulflower said...

how daughter received a disguise kit with a mustache this week...she looked hysterical...yes jemnifur looks very cool...this may sound forward...but you wanna come to my potluck...its a drive from where you live but it might be fun...bring the kiddies if you want to!

Kim Baise said...

mustaches are everywhere. all the kids had them on the last day of school yesterday. the teachers were passing them out in the goodie bags...din't have my camera!
i'd love to come and eat all the awesome food you cook!! not sure about the drive though...
friend me on facebook and send me a message to tell me where.
have a super week-end (>: mustache

Catalina said...

Looks pretty cool! and those mustaches is quite fun too!