Saturday, December 4, 2010

new mobile

a new mobile using this (which has been papier mache'd for a sturdy planter) and this because it's beautiful!
there are 4 different air plant varieties and each has it's own crochet holder so that the plants can be taken out for easy care and watering.
it's in the shop!


Sophie Truong said...

fabulous! I have the same plants and have been thinking of how to hang them with my own soft sculptures but I love yours!!!
Thanks for visiting my blog too.
Sophie @

Kim Baise said...

thanks sophie!! i am a fan of your plushies and your cool blog too!!

elponk said...

great ideas. Love the air plants. It was great seeing you today. Made my day. Your kids are so cute.

Kim Baise said...

aw, thanks! it was really nice finally meeting you at renegade too. we had such a super time and we love your cute rockabilly cherry barettes! i'm going to do a post a little later w/ them.
on our way home we went to mcdonalds and angelyne pulled up next to us in her pink corvette!!!! i was thinking of you and wishing you were there. she sat in the booth acoss from us!!! i took some pics i might have to post those too!!!

1129 said...

I love your mobiles, just published a post about your art at
hope you don't mind
big hug from italy