Friday, December 24, 2010


lynol amero planned and flew a route in his ercoupe to spell out merry christmas and captured the result with his gps logger.
per his post on the eaa's oshkosh forum:
i didn't know how i would accomplish it at first, so i penned it out as frilly and loopy as i thought i could fly it. it had to be big enough so i could make some pretty quick turns, but doable at lower speeds in the ercoupe. i had to figure out how big to make it. so, i just started out creating a flight plan adding way points in the avmap gps, spelling out the letters. i kept the spacing far enough apart that i thought it would work.
click here to see an interactive version of his gps track
that is soooo cool, lynol
wishing everyone a very merry christmas!

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shellie said...

thats pretty awesome....happy christmas....i hope you and your family have a great time!!!!!