Thursday, February 3, 2011


stopped by our favorite newsstand on fairfax. calliope found her magazine and i finally bought myself the lula that i keep flipping through everytime i'm there! nothing beats the cool fashion, design photography + ladies of punk rock in this one. besides i'm in need of a makeover. a friend is coming in a few weeks to film clips for a documentary/interview about a band i once played in and my husband's recording studio. here's a trailer post from seattle's only newspaper... w/dave grohl!
hmmm... lavender streaks and a  new hairstyle?

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shellie said...

yes i think lavender streaks would be exciting....i had never seen lula before....i never knew there was a hardcore punk scene in norfolk but i suppose there are probably a lot of scenes i dont know sure to post it when the doc the comes out....oh and how cute is calliope in red cowboy boots? awesome!