Wednesday, April 27, 2011

tradition, fun and inspiration

for 2 weeks i had the most wonderful time with my dear friend yoshiko and her daughter rokko who came here to escape from the earthquake aftermath of a very scary japan.  we went and did everything we possibly could in such a short time. i am exhausted and filled with inspiration.  can't wait to try out some of the cute hello kitty origami from this book (above)!


shellie said...

so she went home huh? that must of been nerve wracking....but im glad you all so much fun. Girls bands f*ing rock! I love the other video from a previous post...wait was it the same song? Anyway I hope you feel better soon....cuz we gotta get ready lady!

Kim Baise said...

oh lordy woman! i'm nowhere near ready...but i'm inspired (:
are you ready?

Marley said...

The origami looks fun! Post your finished product-unless you made the cranes?

Kim Baise said...

hi marley, i made the cranes.
it's actually my first try at the traditional crane. i'd been avoiding it because i wanted to stay away from traditional...but after the earthquake my friend yoshiko showed me how to make the cranes=
1000 for good luck
best wishes for japan's healing/recovery they will hang in my sister's bookstore window display at coastside books in halfmoon bay

1129 said...

please give your friend my claps, I loved that band when I saw kill bill :)))

shellie said...

nope not yet but im getting all my miscellaneous supplies ready for a SUPERMEGA printing session but first I have to finish some drawings and then carve.