Monday, May 23, 2011


beechwood canyon is the perfect hike to see the hollywood sign. here's a peek (photos a dear friend took of some secret t-shirts we've been working on). in the canyon we found the monkees house and it's for sale! oh, how i would love to live there.... did i mention we also came within of few feet of 2 wild coyotes?!!!!  unfortunately we couldn't get the camera out in time


shellie said...

how fun and how cute does your daughter look. The shirt looks great. The monkees? HAHAHA I was singing the last train to clarksville all weekend!

Kim Baise said...

thanks and great song! in highschool my cousin took me to the 25th anniversry monkees concert at the greek. i think that was the last time the whole band played together (with mikey:)