Sunday, August 14, 2011

moon pie

the succulent garden is a wonderful little etsy shop owned by dear friends shellie, daniel and their little ones sophie and jack.  they live on a succulent farm in fontana, ca and invited us over yesterday evening for a pie party. shellie had the trees decorated with colorful chinese lanterns and hanging succulents. the kids ran around like a wild pack while i strolled through the succulent gardens under the full moon. it was lovely!
oh! i forgot to mention that the key lime pie my kids made with their dad from our backyard garden limes took 2nd place. unfortunately i was tasting the pies and not taking photos at that time.... i'm sure shellie will have some more photos on her blog soulflower real soon. pop over and say hi!

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shellie said...

we are so glad all of you were there to share the magic....that picture of donovan is gorgeous!!! i am making proscuitto and fig sandwiches later with tangelos for lunch today.We love figs!!!