Thursday, September 1, 2011

howling wolf

new origami gray wolf bunting with glow in the dark origami paper for the moons!
thank you etsy france for choosing mobile homes in your holiday press selections:
cadeaux pour enfants!


Carolina said...

I want to learn how to fold a wolf! looks great!

Katie said...

LOVE!!!! So nice!!!

Kim Baise said...

thanks katie! and carolina... it wasn't very easy for me,folding these origami wolves. the online instructions i found are terrible so i had to improvise with a few folds of my own!

shellie said...

so cool but those loook crazy hard!!! have i told you how fantastic you are lately????

Kim Baise said...

awww, so nice always shellie, thanks!

Kira T said...

I would like you to teach me. Can you?
Please, please, please!! :3