Saturday, September 3, 2011

living in...tropical paradise

a pink lemon from our pink lemon tree
macadamia nuts
deshelled and tasty
from our macadamia nut tree
 some fun/atypical-traditional christmas cards i printed this morning
our loaded frontyard kona coffee tree
dehusked and dried
wok roasted
mmmmm the coffee aroma fills the house
fresh squeezed tangelo juice
and sweet hibiscus flowers!
ok, so this is a bit of a long labor day week-end blog post but i must brag about our yard. we moved into a friend's house who is a photographer  living in england.  her mother was a transplant from holland and was a wonderful gardener who planted a bit of everything in this suburban so. california yard. we are discovering something new every day.  if you suddenly realize that the poison berry tree you have in your yard is a coffee tree, heres a  groovy video to help you harvest those little beans!
enjoy the week-end and last few days of summer
p.s. did i mention that we also have a banana tree and a pineapple tree?


shellie said...

how cute is sid???????????? lady you are so awesome. have you had a drink of your own coffee yet? oohhhh im so jealous!!!!

Kim Baise said...

ha! haaa! sid is a big ham!
yes, the coffee is wonderful tasting, only i didn't seem to get as much of a caffeine kick as i do with my usual french roast.... maybe i need to make it stronger next time.