Saturday, September 10, 2011

off to the klondike!

yukon yurt                                       beah burger
yurts in progress (save those toilet paper rolls!)
 little papier mache homes hung out to dry in the old rose bush
 i'm working a  large order of mobile homes that are headed to a new shop in the yukon!
modernburl (love the name)is a pop up shop  that will open in november.
someday..... i will take the yukon trail railroad across the white pass


A Beautiful Party said...

these are darling!! I want a magical bush that grows papier mache houses!

mobil*home said...

my name is Mobil*home and I like your mobiles homes...!

Kim Baise said...

thank you bp and mobilhome (love the name!)i just peeked at your blog and it's wonderful!!!