Friday, October 21, 2011

woven origami boxes

over the summer i began weaving leftover origami scrap paper. now they have become little stacking boxes. the weaving has been cured with a water-base sealant to help make them stiff and sturdy with a heavy gray paper to secure the edges.i think they're pretty both inside and out but i'm not sure what  they will be used for...maybe a box for barbie accessories? legos?
there is always a sea of little things floating around my house
p.s. mama bear has a new home in germany! see the wonderful philuko blog


Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said...

Really pretty! I love when origami is useful. My boyfriend got a page-a-day origami calendar for Christmas last year so our house is full of little bits of folded paper ;)

shellie said...

you are the origami princess you know? so cute kim but then everything you do pretty much ends up fantastic.

Kim Baise said...

haaa!! i like the princess better than the origami mommy!

Carolina said...

These are soooo pretty!! Would love to learn how to make them....:)