Monday, January 9, 2012

the dip

one of my favorite artists, ula einstein posted about the dip on her fb wall today.
as i move forward on this path of where i need to go/explore (with art) i sometimes find myself feeling alone in unchartered territory.
via seth godin's blog:
out on a limb
that's where artists do their work.
not in the safe places, but out there, in a place where they might fail, where it might end badly, where connections might be lost, sensibilities might be offended, jokes might not be gotten.
if you work with artists, don't saw off the limb. don't waste a lot of time explaining how dangerous it is, either. no, your job is to quietly support the limb at the same time you egg your team on, pushing them ever further out there.
and if you don't have a trader joe's nearby, here's the easy recipe for edamame hummus, my newest addiction


shellie said...

what a fabulous post kim!!!!
that hummus is wonderful. im getting excited for the party!!

Kim Baise said...

thanks sf! can't wait to hang out again too ;)

Carolina said...

Good read! and I love hummus - on/with everything really.

Kim Baise said...

thanks carolina!i've been working very hard on something new...hoping to share it real soon. it's been a challenge but i think i'm almost through with the labor=birth part...sheesh!!!!