Thursday, March 8, 2012

new mobiles

there's an amazing new shop in brooklyn called joinery.
 you can find unique mobiles i've created just for the shop
as well as beautiful handmade clothing, bags,
woven mats, tumbleweeds, mobile homes (hanging in the background:)
gorgeous handwoven textiles,
unique records, books, soaps
pillows, blankets  and
just about everything you could want and need.
it's all here!
so if you find yourself wandering around new york,
stop by joinery
263 south 1st street(corner of havemeyer and 1st st)
open weekdays 2-8pm
weekends 12-8pm
closed tuesdays


shellie said...

very cool too bad im not in new york

Kim Baise said...

hi sf, i'd love to spend the day in ny too...or a week!

Shoko said...

That is so wonderful, Kim! How exciting! I'd love to check out that shop - it looks beautiful.

Kim Baise said...

hi shoko, yes! you're there and i think you will love this shop <3 please, please stop by and let me know how the new mobiles look. they're different than the ones in these photos from december(sold:)
and if angela, the owner is in please tell her i said hi!

prettylittlethieves said...

your mobiles are awesome! what a great new home for your work!

Kim Baise said...

thank you!