Saturday, April 28, 2012

meet gigi!

do you remember the package i received from erika?
voila! gigi is now completely sewn, stuffed and loved <3
she comes with a little red, reversible corduroy capelet and tote bag 'souvenirs de paris' filled with parfum and cameras.
my mother secretly knitted her a cute little pair of matching cream color underwear!!!
you can get your own little i love paris doll kit at mikodesign


Carolina said...

Gigi is lovely and so is your girl, so cute!
Oh and those underwear! :D

Kim Baise said...

Thank you! Ha! Yes, the underwear!! Calliope has already changed Gigi's outfit and she took the underwear off because she said it was "too itchy" for Gigi!!!

shellie said...

how cute is that doll and all its accoutrements....and well the girl is adorable as usual. miss you kim!