Monday, May 7, 2012

mobile critters

mobile critters (of the southwest:) buzzard, rattlesnake,
jack rabbit, roadrunner, armadillo
and some tumbleweeds too! 
thank you all the mountains for the feature :)


annamaria said...

Hi Kim, thank you so much for the sweet words:)
I so love your critters:) You have such a unique and fun way of interpreting the stuff around us, I really delight in it! XX

misako mimoko said...

love this one!!! :D

Kim Baise said...

thank you annamaria! it's so nice to see your new watercolors :)
and thank you eva!!! can't wait to see what you do with your wonderful mini furniture creations!

Saskia said...

Really love this one Kim, especially the black-eared Jack Rabbit. Also enjoyed reading about real live road runners in your yard. We have ring-tailed possums and big loud magpies who visit our yard - not quite as romantic as roadrunners!

Kim Baise said...

ooh! ring tail possums sound like fun! thanks saskia for the kind words (: