Friday, May 4, 2012

stick mystic

here's a little peek into my working process today: it all begins with the sticks
each mobile starts with a stick selection and i'm picky about choosing sticks!
i usually enlist my joyful little helper to sort the bad sticks from the mystic. the energy a stick gives will predict which mobile to create. for instance, a desert themed mobile will have a bleached or light color stick, a whimsical mobile may have an arched or double branch stick, each stick helps me to bring out/envision the mobile's character.
this is for a large order so the sticks you see here are somewhat uniform in size
then the sticks are bundled, labled and stored. before i use them, they'll be washed and sealed with a matte waterbase primer to bring out their beauty and natural faults.
here's a twig mobile in progress. with these mobiles, the  stick collection is a little different as the sticks need to be similar in size, color and straightness.
happy cinco de mayo week-end! we're celebrating early with tostadas for dinner...


shellie said...

i love your piles and that tummy...hey happy birthday is it coming or has it past lady???

Kim Baise said...

hi shellie,thanks! my birthday is manyana :) i love that tummy too. i saw it peeking in one of the pics and had to post!

A Beautiful Party said...

Thanks for this post! I have been wanting to make banners on sticks but I didn't know what approach I should take or how to seal the sticks. This was helpful!

Kim Baise said...

so glad i could help (: yes! you will know the right stick for your project when you find it! and the yellow mod podge matte with a sponge brush works best after sticks are washed and dried.