Tuesday, July 3, 2012

hello calico

here's a  little glimpse of what i've been working on: calico kitty
the clue to the next mobile isa knife, a fork, a bottle and a cork: that's the way we spell......
new york! (well, brooklyn actually)
come back soon to see!


misako mimoko said...

hehe! looks great! I'll be back to see it ;)
have a lovely week!

Kim Baise said...

thanks eva! i'm really loving your tote with the braids and the outer space stamping w/ embroidery is looking great!

Saskia said...

That's one of my all-time favorite songs. He was such a dude! Really looking forward to seeing this one Kim.

Kim Baise said...

thanks saskia! wow! i can't believe you know that song!! haaa!! that tune's been "runnin' round in my brain"
a real catchy, fun one :)