Thursday, December 13, 2012

yoo hoo!

guess who? can you guess which artist mobile i'll be posting next? can't wait to share it w/ you....
just a few more details... please come back soon and see!
ta ta
p.s. visit hazel terry's the art room plant to see more of my artist mobiles and all of her wonderful collections of artist works. i am truly honored to be featured on hazel's blog (;


Saskia said...

Congrats for being featured on the Art Room Plant Kim. Very well deserved! Your recent mobiles are incredible. LOVE the armadillo and the Matisse and Lichtenstein ladies. Amazing!

Kim Baise said...

Thank you Saskia for keeping me going with all your nice comments. I'm totally flattered to be recognized on Hazel Terry's blog. I'm always watching the great art she posts on pinterest too. She rocks!