Thursday, January 17, 2013

behind the scenes

this is it:  my working studio is the back porch.
in los angeles, the weather is gorgeous 80% of the year, so i'm able to work outdoors and get messy!  it also allows for lots of natural light and incorporating nature into my work. this is why you'll notice i use lots of sticks, twigs and vines in my mobiles...most of which come from right here in the backyard. i can also keep an eye on the kids as they play.


Saskia said...

Gorgeous photo of you Kim, and lovely to have a sneak peek at your fab outdoor studio! Lucky you. Looks amazing (I'm lusting after that orange radiola).

Kim Baise said...

Thanks Saskia. I know I don't post pics of me's about time! This is a photo link for an interview w/ Babble (they asked to see my working studio:) I'm lucky to have a nice outdoor space to play and music from the radiola too!!!

misako mimoko said...

Thanks for sharing it with us!!
whata great place to work! love it! and you look so beautiful :)

Kim Baise said...

thanks so much eva!

shellie said...

i love your bangs and you!!!! yes we want to come over but my children keep getting sick :/ they have fevers right now. what a drag. was there birthday madness this weekend too? anyway i will email lady.