Thursday, March 14, 2013

going loco

i'm going loco...and local! (it's about time:) dropped off a batch of  brand new jikits mobiles at reform school, 3902 sunset blvd. silverlake/ l.a.....go see!!
thanks, nancy (pretty little thieves) for helping me transport them and for a fun time of shopping and that crazy hong kong milk tea you got.
yes, and that's a bat on my head........


prettylittlethieves said...

i like this picture! I was worried that they were all going to be blurry maybe some of them were:( anyways, so happy that your work is there now! fun day! and I need another hong kong milk tea.

Kim Baise said...

thanks for taking the pics,and i just really love the fun sound of that: "hong-kong milk tea!" oh yeah, we'll be back to explore some more,riding in the cool lane on the fast track, fer sure, fer sure.