Sunday, March 24, 2013

mobile birdland

we let the birds out to play today!
a new mobile featuring : surfin' bird, rollerskate bird, bird with a guitar, bird with a boombox and skateboarder bird
it's in the shop!
p.s. some cool things i want: faye moorehouse 40 faces, wimpi watermelon and smallspells diagonal blue-lined planter 


Alison said...

Hey girl!!! AH! You are so amazing! I love these birds and the circus mobile! I still like your mobiles better than mine! Hahah, no but seriously. SO amazing! Lots of love! Yours is hanging in my husbands office now! xo

annamaria said...

They are just brilliant Kim! Perfect for Spring.xx

Kim Baise said...

hi alison, seems i lost track of your blog for a while and wow!you're works/site have really grown since the baby!! your leather mobiles are beautiful too and glad to hear you're still enjoying the one i made you. i'll try to keep up and keep in touch better!

Kim Baise said...

Thanks Annamaria, i think you've been doing lots of spring paintings lately too i saw some on pinterest. I'll have to stop by and take a look. I love love your watercolors best!

Saskia said...

Awesome Kim. I love Bird with a boombox. Hilarious!