Thursday, April 25, 2013

around here

on gray days like this somewhere that's anywhere in southern california (covina to be exact) you can just stroll down the street and buy a colorful pinata to brighten your home
like the sweet vintage pinata in this cool house makeover by emily henderson
or  make this diy gold pinata with a can of spray paint!
or buy yourself a cat sunhat at the vintage store in hopes that the sun will be back tomorrow
i like to dream that i'm going to redecorate the house with a modern tiki theme for summer...and these chairs would be in it
then stroll to the best local thrift store
and buy a hand embroidered mexican pillow cover, soft yellow chevron blanket and a wooden milagro for $5. i'll probably get some tin milagros to nail on the bleeding heart
 like this
it's a good gray day

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