Monday, April 1, 2013

busy bee

a fun filled week-end of shopping in hollywood with my sister and coffee shop stops
caught squeezing grapefruits at the casbah cafe
found a favorite new shop: lake boutique
l.o.v.e. everything in there, especially the gorgeous collection of mt. washington pottery bells
picked up some magazines here:
bust and foam for inspiration
and realized we got a parking ticket (still on the windshield) on the drive home. the last time my sister visited and we went shopping, our car got towed!
 we all had a fun easter
with the cousins
then my sister and i snuck out to do some more shopping
and got a bolt in the tire!..... i swear,we're jinxed!!! april fools?!! no joke!

here's a little peek of what I'm working on now
(come back tomorrow and see)
+ lots of my kids mobiles are  now for sale at united bamboo for the month of april!
i've been a busy bee

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