Friday, April 19, 2013


 i found this ian walsh collage on carmen astuy's pinterest (visit mendruga to wish carmen a happy birthday: ) have you seen the beautiful papercuts on ratzer?
 that inspired a new work in progress
mailed out another order of mobile homes to joinery in brooklyn today. did you know that this was my very first mobile? i made it 3 years ago for our one month old infant son after our move from virginia to california. we moved 4 times that year. while craving the stability of a home, i also enjoyed the freedom of being able to live anywhere life led us..igloo, teepee, airstream...
and i wanted our 3 small children to know that freedom too.
since we left almost everything behind, all the little houses were made from the scraps of our daily existence: newspapers and cardboard boxes from the moves. this will always be my favorite mobile.
back by popular demand..hello?psych fest?: another crying eye mobile (now in the shop)
sent a letter to zarina hashmi. she's my idol, mentor, art teacher. she taught me everything, from 3 color woodcuts, to chine colle with rice paste on intaglio to my first bronze sculptures and then sent me off to nyu to study more under her teacher, krishna reddy. her current exhibit at the guggenheim ends this week-end (only 2 days left and then on to chicago). if you're in new york or traveling through, her work is an inspiration not to be missed!


Debi van Zyl said...

Hi Kim, I just discovered your work! It's amazing! I reblogged about the Mobile Homes and other work on my own blog and used one of your photos (with credit, of course) and some from Joinery. So cool! I'll be sure to check back often to see more of your work. Debi

Kim Baise said...

Thank you Debi, it's a wonderful post. i proudly tweeted, liked and shared it on on fb too <3
wishing you all the best with your first mobile project.
REMEMBER: the first one is always the BEST!!