Friday, July 26, 2013


this summer we adopted a desert tortoise from the california turtle and tortoise club. the kids named him sunny. he's young, (23y) eats a lot, rules the backyard, has green eyes and is the best pet ever!
i've been working a-lot lately on wholesale orders, custom orders and a big upcoming  sale/show at One Kings Lane on August 5th
in the summer, my studio is the back porch. i love to work outside
enjoy the week-end, sunshine!
if you're in venice beach, visit tortoise general store 


Saskia (1=2) said...

Oh wow Kim, Sunny looks magnificent – and enormous! What an amazing pet. What does he eat? He must have a massive appetite. We have a beautiful tortoise at Melbourne zoo, Jean, who is 75 years old! She's our favourite animal at the zoo. I envy you working outside – it's freeeeezing here at the moment.

Kim Baise said...

Thanks Saskia, we LOVE Sunny <3. He won't get as big as the galapagos species..probably no more than 2ft but can live to 100 yrs+ and does have a massive appetite!