Friday, September 6, 2013

kings mountain

a few images i took at kings mountain's 50th art fair : totem (top) fox garney
more wonderful pottery: r honey pots
                                                                       jaime hipolito's
gorgeous native zapotec textiles and loom demonstration
 a little hedgie linocut i bought from printmaker melissa west
calliope's princess crown of tin foil and ribbon
wishing i had a pick-up truck and empty home for this cool set of old lockers by the side of the road for the wee price of $60!
and the perfect end to the day with a nice home cooked dinner and salad with these great mushroom shakers at my sister's in half moon bay


Saskia said...

Loooove a country art fair! Those mushroom shakers are the ants pants Kim.

Kim Baise said...

thanks saskia, it was nice to get away for a change and inspiration.
now back to work!
i agree, had to sneak those mushrooms in!