Thursday, October 17, 2013

rip offs!!

thank you lisa congdon for speaking up!
and thank you west elm for doing the right thing and pulling cody foster products from your store!
cody foster has been getting away with it for too long.
they copied my arrows design that i posted in august 2013
 and had them mass produced in india... only difference is the  holiday glitter on the paper tips and chicken feathers! these suddenly appeared on september 30th 2013

 and the papier mache canoe ornaments I make (to hang on my mobiles) have also been copied.....
i started making them last year and first posted my canoe on october 13 2012
these copied canoes first appeared  sept. 2013... only painted a little differently... in holiday colors!.
today on facebook via a design sponge thread someone mentioned that "they even tried to rip off jody foster's name... the nerve!!!"

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