Sunday, November 24, 2013

crying eyes
went to see l.a. opera's magic flute on wednesday. sarastro and his many all-knowing eyes and beautiful songs of isis and osiris = pure brilliance from 1927 (the most avant garde theatre company in the world)! a stunning and inspirational mix of david lynch, silent movies, berlin cabaret.. a must- go- see- if you're in l.a.!!
crying eye of horus now in the shop!


Saskia said...

The Magic Flute looks absolutely amazing Kim! Love a visual spectacle like that. We haven't been to a live performance in so long, and I have a craving. David Lynch/silent movies/Berlin cabaret is my kind of combo!! Love your eyes, especially the golden tears.

Kim Baise said...

Thanks Saskia! A live performance that's inspiring is always good to see. I was worried the kids would be restless but they were in awe. Little Sid eventually fell asleep as it was way past bedtime (;