Tuesday, November 5, 2013

french obsession

right now i'm obsessed with everything french: the music, macarons, and especially niki de saint phalle!
come back tomorrow to see my "niki de saint phalle-o-bile "
must watch: this little video of niki  blowing up art with husband, jean tinguely and shooting a rifle at her bleeding paintings in malibu canyon, 1961.... sooo good!!!!


Saskia said...

Niki de saint phalle-o-bile! Love it! That video is amazing – what a couple. Kim, I've been smiling my head off looking at all your posts this morning. Have been through two cups of coffee in the process. You are such a clever woman. The woodland band is completely gorgeous – I'm absolutely chomping at the bit to see them at Gorman! The twig shapes are beautiful – and always love a peek into your work area. Love your cactus stand!

Kim Baise said...

thanks so much saskia and also for sharing them on your fb! i'm excited about these mobiles flying out to australia for gorman home time! wish i could meet up with you and go to the gorman ht pop up opening in fitzroy to see them!i remember seeing the niki st. phalle video in art school and had forgotten how cool she is/was!