Sunday, November 17, 2013

mobile giacometti

new! a mobile celebrating the art of alberto giacometti.
when i was an art student at nyu, my teacher krishna reddy used to tell us stories about his best friend, giacometti. they met at atelier 17 and roamed paris as artists in  the early 50's. krishna told us how they spent hours at cafe's in montparnasse discussing politics and art until it was time to shut the cafe and they would be the last to leave. krishna also joked alberto about his constantly molding tiny bits of paper and matchsticks into miniature sculptures, his hands could not keep still!
to form this mobile i twisted lots of little bits of paper (as giacometti would:), and especially enjoyed making this maga dog!
mobile giacometti is available exclusively at the menil collection this holiday season


shellie said...

oh my goodness. could you stop being brilliant for just a second? lol! you are so amazing. that one post with you is gorgeous!! miss you guys so much. not done with the garden yet. just kill me already.

Kim Baise said...

hi shellie, thank you! lets try to get together with all the kids over the winter holiday break