Sunday, December 22, 2013

canyon falls

just a little day in the life personal post. i realize i haven't posted much lately about my life, what inspires..etc. not too exciting, but it's all connected to my here it is:  this morning i woke up with images of rita ackerman's drawings running wild in my mind

piled the family in the car and drove 20 minutes, past the sriracha plant (smells good:) ha ha! with their new banner out front
parked the car at the bottom of monrovia canyon and hiked
past the cacti graffiti
and deep into the canyon
where the trees have eyes
and there's a lovely little waterfall
by the end of the trail, calliope's little pouch  was stuffed with acorns.. she's sorting through her collection of 103 now
 the most beautiful christmas tree. no snow for us, this is our winter wonderland
. wishing you the happiest holidays!
cat power


Saskia (1=2) said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! So nice having a little peep into your world Kim. You're SO lucky having such beautiful nature at your doorstep.
Love Rita Ackerman – interesting that she's distancing herself from her early work & fans.
Can't imagine how good the sriracha plant would smell – we live close to the Vegemite Factory, and it absolutely pongs!

Kim Baise said...

thanks sas! i love rita ackerman too and woke up searching to find what she's been up to lately. the sriracha plant smells like garlic and peppers. there's a big lawsuit now, the neighborhood says their eyes are burning from the smell of jalapeno's (thus the new banner!)also live near the miller beer plant.. lots of hops(another story). haaa!1i've never tried vegemite so i can't even imagine how it pongs! xxx