Wednesday, December 11, 2013

ice cream

thank you to the gorgeous, faiblessed for hosting my mini mobile give-away! the ice creams flew out of the shop! lucky, i just whipped up a fresh new batch with lots of 'flavor for taste'.. in the shop today!


Ju said...

I think I just won one of your mobiles and I am so, so happy. It's coming to Portugal :)

Kim Baise said...

ohhh!! sooo nice to meet you, ju! i'll message you for your address and mail your little ice creams to portugal right away. not sure it will make it in time for christmas, but definitely for the new year!

Ju said...

Thanks Kim. My one year old daughter is going to love it, i'm sure. One day I'll have to order one of your custom mobiles just for her (with our cats and some instruments, probably). This was really a nice surprise :)