Wednesday, January 1, 2014

curious life

for this new year, i'll try to add a few more personal posts with photos from my weekly visuals, trips, music, things i love. this blog is not just a posting of my work but also a curious life,connected to all the works... uniquely mine to create with.  i hope they will connect with you too.
enjoying the winter vacation downtime with the kids and a short local trip to seal beach ( top 2 pics)
very superstitious, i am! wearing these socks (a christmas gift from my sister), i cleaned the entire house, lit a candle for success and smudged  and rang out every corner with white sage and brass bell and everyone in it
must watch! this super fun sacred sage commercial i found here:
my friend, sarah foelske (toronto) has a line of  magic talismans at sticksnstones. a favorite is  for the "creator", with amethyst, palo santo smudge stick, eagle foot charm, painted feather and gorgeous handmade bronzed medicine bag
got a nice email today with a beautiful post from denmark at leizyb. lisbeth is bringing in the new year with this  little crying eye of horus. in ancient egypt" the eye of horus was considered the most powerful of protective amulets"
wishing you a fabulous, magical first day of the new year!


annamaria potamiti said...

Happy, Very Happy New Year my friend! I hope all the magic works, I should try some of that too!!XO

Kim Baise said...

Thank you Annamaria, I hope it works too! I can send you some white sage smudge sticks if you'd like to try (;
Happy Happy 2014!.. this will be a good one for us