Wednesday, January 8, 2014

kenny scharf

little sid was in awe when we pulled into the kenny scharf  garage at pmca. did you know that kenny scharf was born in hollywood and grew up in the valley? i always thought of him as a new york artist alongside keith haring (via pittsburgh).... they both went to nyc in 1978 to study at sva. i suppose kenny is both east-coast west-coast and now i admire him even more! i dropped off 3 mobiles that will be ready for the alfredo ramos martinez opening on jan 18th!
when we got home, sid wanted to paint some rocks so i left him and his sister with brushes and paint and came out to see my own kenny scharf inspired green guy.... aye aye aye!!
i need, must have this kenny scharf jacket


Saskia (1=2) said...

Yay! Sid rules. That's hilarious. Wow PMCA looks like an amazing museum, and a 'Kenny Garage' sounds awesome! Makes me yearn to come and visit one day.

Kim Baise said...

anytime you want to visit sas, you are welcome to stay with us here.. mi casa es su casa

Saskia (1=2) said...

Wow, thank you! Still saving up. I think we're a few years away. Damn those airfares.
PS. Likewise, if you make it to Melbourne one day! Love to show you around. xx