Monday, July 21, 2014

packed up & off the beaten path

the tower of mobiles!  i mailed out last monday...the international orders are stacked on the other side of the room :) thank you one kings lane for the feature in your artisinal collection and the jealous curator for your fab post. it's been knock-out sales!
but now it's summer vacation... time for an inspiring road trip off the beaten path  ojai ice cream
 playtime in libbey park
barts books.. the best outdoor bookstore ever!
boccali's roadside for pizza and boccali's rose syrah 'pink moment'. with a view of the vineyards across the way and a bottle of this, i think i'm lost somewhere in the mediterranean
coolest new shop: summer camp, from a converted gas station (boccali's was once a gas station too)
farmer and the cook for carrot cake and chai tea. (love this place).
then onward with a short stop and stretch in the mountains of santa barbara
beautiful red local strawberries at the gas station in santa maria
 a meet up with my sister and the cousins in pismo beach
 hunting for sand dollars
the new summer do
with  loud quacking ducks to wake us early for breakfast

nature collecting odd sticks for future mobiles and branches with pine cones for the holidays
downtown pismo for handcrafted herbal soaps at hearts desire and some colorful, unique  mexican art that my sister bought at carmona folk art store
my 10 yr. old neice,  mia made this one:
art inspired


Saskia (1=2) said...

ACE post Kim! I can imagine plonking in that outdoor bookstore for hours. That's my idea of heaven.
The converted gas stations are great – pretty nice imagining that might be how the world will look in a decade, once everyone starts charging their electric cars at home, and we have no need for petrol. Bring on more pizza, wine and homewares!
Hey congrats on your tower of fragile boxes – you totally deserved some camping/beach relaxation after all that hard work! PS> Love the sand dollars – had no idea that's what they were called.

Kim Baise said...

Thanks Sas! I really got a bit sad during posting these pics..that wonderful whirlwind week is over. Barts books is such a nice place to wander through and 'plonk'! and of course each one of us found something special. I really love those converted gas stations and shacks too. Don't you have sand dollars in Australia? If you do, what do you call them there?!!