Monday, September 8, 2014

l.a. sunday snapshots

sundays are always a day off with the kids to wander downtown. there are a handful of boys who gather to meet  early morning at marat daukayev for ballet (my son included). very proud to say that los angeles does have a ballet: lab.  past the odd silver head on la brea at cbs studios, waiting for our banana almond 'manna'shakes at beverly hills juice. window shopping a funky cool jenny smith doll at tweak, lovely kusmi tea display and one block walk to west elm to drop off more mobiles(only a few, get one before they're gone!)  huge lunch at farmers market the grove, then back home to suburbia  where the heat is in the sweltering 90's. inspired and happy, i started making a yeti with a gold tooth, a holiday ornament to channel in the colder months... he's not ready yet... just a peek of more to come

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