Monday, September 29, 2014

secret society wanna-be club

secret society wanna-be clubhouse wall hanging.... 
canyon inspire yesterday.... twig foraging
the kids find a little waterfall
 we see trees with eyes
shhhhhhhhhhh!!! sid hears a rattlesnake
the boys poke sticks in the deep holes looking for snakes

the only snakes i want to see: this snake-print silk scarf from cbanningaccessories
 and this sweet  brass snake bracelet from accompany
i wonder who built this house..... and who's inside?   
secret society snakepit clubhouse
sugar snake 


Cinne said...

Wonderful story, can the snake "stylist" be in this club too? thank you, Cinne

Kim Baise said...

Hi Cinne, yes! We designate you the official Snake Club Stylist. (secret meet next full moon at the snakepit :)